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Guided by Why Essay Contest

Posted about 1 year ago by Jenna Meranda

AACN President Christine Schulman says that children learn by asking WHY, using it to make sense of things and their world. She also says that it seems that asking why has become a lost art for adults. She asks, “Have we stopped asking why? Somewhere along the line, as grownups, have we become intimidated- or perhaps even irritated-by it? Have we forgotten how to use it as a tool to accomplish our goals: as a compass, as an anchor, as a voice about things that matter?” She further explains “It’s obvious to me that we nurses faithfully use why as our guide- in fact, we can’t ever forget our WHY because our WHYs are exactly what our patients depend on. She invites others to join her in reconnecting with our WHY.

Guided by Why Contest

As critical care nurses, Guided by Why fits with what we do on a daily basis. As such, we have decided to put together an ongoing testimonial/essay contest about what Guided by Why means to you and how it has influenced your career. Submissions will be accepted through the Monticello Chapter AACN Email ( and a winner (possibly 2) will have NTI tuition paid for! Essays are due by February 28 and winners will be announced in our Spring newsletter.